Spooky Crisis Communications Stories!

Club Meeting October 29, 2020

When does it matter how you respond to a crisis?

  • It shapes your reputation for a very long time 
  • Does fault typically matter when responses are being judged by the public?
    • Sometimes, but you should always take the blame if you’re involves
    • Sometimes false information 
    • Does the public care whose fault it is? Not really, they will associate it with the brand, you can lay it out in the response, people will feel and think the way they do


  • Harvey Weinstein
    • Famed Hollywood producer/director and part-owner of the Weinstein company
    • Accused of various sexual harassment and misconduct over a 30-year span
    • Hollywood professionals and celebrities distance themselves from Weinstein and company
    • Found guilty of rape and sentenced to 23 years of prison 
    • Propelled #MeToo

Jae’s Closing Words of Advice When Managing a Crisis?

“Stay Away From People Who Can Bring You Down”

The Way You Respond Must Be Clear and Authentic, not a simple sorry.

Be on the side of the truth and own your mistakes, even if your clients do not want to.

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