International Conference: PRSSA International Conference is hosted in a different city every year in October. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to meet other aspiring PR professionals from around the globe and network with them. You can learn more here:

District Conference: District conferences are a localized version of the international conference. They offer the same networking opportunities and are typically held in the second semester. They are a great way to meet different chapters and members from your PRSSA region. You can learn more here:

Leadership Assembly: Leadership Assembly is a national conference hosted in Scottsdale in April. PRSSA covers the cost of three chapter members (typically the president and incoming president). This event is a great opportunity to build leadership skills and elect the new national board. You can learn more here:


Each year PRSSA awards more than $30,000 in scholarships to members of PRSSA. Students can use these scholarships to enhance their PR education. Here are the deadlines and information for each scholarship and award.


Being a paying member of PRSSA gives you access to the Internships & Jobs hub. This helps connect you to a variety of resources to find internships and develop your professional career. Here is the information on how to access this amazing resource.