Club meeting: March 3, 2020

Intros and Reminders

  • We went around and talked about what kind of PR we would be interested in- for example, Political PR, Sports PR, Marketing PR, and Events and Entertainment PR
  • Our speaker at the next meeting will be Savannah Harrelson- Tiffany’s Cronkite mentor from last year, she does nonprofit PR at Childhelp®

Today’s Speaker: Lindsey Clinkingbeard from Off Madison Ave agency

Off Madison Ave

About Lindsey

  • Lindsey graduated from Cronkite last year with a masters in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • She was the ASU PRSSA president last year
  • She previously interned with Young Giants and Visit Phoenix
  • She landed her current role through a PRSSA connection
  • She is currently serving as an entry-level account manager at Off Madison Ave

About Off Madison Ave

  • They were founded 21 years ago
  • They believe in delivering results through behavior design
  • They are an integrated advertising agency headquartered in Phoenix, near the Papago Mountains
  • 20-25 employees

Examples of their work

  • They have organized news segments with Fox 10 by pitching and actively working with journalists
  • They’ve created new welcome to Arizona signs that will be posted throughout the state
  • They have worked with developing applications
  • They worked with Don’t Trash Arizona
  • As seen to the left, they worked with Barbie as an influencer as a unique take on publicity for Arizona.

Off Madison Avenue Culture

  • Respectful collaboration
  • Craftsmanship
  • Positive mindset
  • Curiosity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • No slow days!

Defining PR with Lindsey

Threesixty_DigitalPR“Threesixty_DigitalPR” by Threesixty_PR is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Building relationships that matter
  • Key tasks
    • Crisis communication
    • Pitching newsworthy stories to local/national media
    • Developing content (social media and blogs)
    • Creative content (videos and graphics)
      • Help develop how a video or ad should work and what should be focused on
    • Reporting on progress

Parting Words

“Don’t plan your life too much and don’t be set in your ways. Be open and willing to adapt and change”

You can reach the guest speaker on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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