Club meeting: February 18, 2020


  • Dues to join are due on March First!
  • Our next meeting is March third
    • Rebecca Hasulak will be coming to talk about public relations and content hacks for the Lean Start-up
  • The national scholarship application deadline is May 31
  • We had our elections today! We elected Melinda as the new VP of social media

The nitty-gritty of the meeting

How to interview

Krista went over tips and tricks of interviewing with us

You want to know who you are and sell this to your employer. To do this you can try our personal branding exercise!


Diane went over out resumes with us

Personal blogs and LinkedIn

Lou went over how to make a good personal website and how to connect with people and strengthen your LinkedIn. See below for some examples.

  • Website- should be updated every time you have new content to add to your portfolio 
  • Can put your resume on your website as an actual webpage in addition to adding it as a download 
  • What specializations do you have? Why would you be hired?
  • In Cronkite’s 305 you learn to make a logo
  • Taught us about plugins 
  • The best way to connect with someone is to add a note 
  • Wait a bit before you connect with an individual recruiter after applying for something however you can connect with a bigger company 
  • You want a home page, about page, content you’ve created, and contact, and your social media tags

Personal blog examples: ,

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